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Update: Stockfish 2.0.1 is out and available as debian package

As I saw the new version: First thing to do was update the package. Due to my trouble compiling the binary architecture dependent I have uploaded to debian “experimental” first. It makes no sense to upload to debian “unstable”, because of the deep freeze phase of debian.

Here is a quote from the stockfish team:

“So almost 700 lines of code removed for this release.

Actually we didn’t plan to release now, but it happens that our test framework will be down for a couple of weeks due to new year holidays and so, instead of just waiting two weeks, we thought it could be more useful to release.

The release number 2.0 is to be intended as the new year release not as a much improved version from 1.9.1: we expect some ELO gain but nothing earth shattering.”

The debian packages do build in 12 architectures and I will have to push the buildd maintainer to enable building on all 14. AMD64 and i386 builds are with profiling and optimization.

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