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stockfish: Team in hope for a developer community

The stockfish team tries to attract some new developers to contribute to the strongest open source chess engine. The sourcecode is moved to github:

They promise to consider and accept patches with the following rules:


– If a patch is a “non functional change”, for instance a clean up or a code simplification (we care a lot about code cleanups) will be applied without testing, just after a quick scrutiny to verify that actually does not change functionality and is really a code improvement.

– If a patch is advertised as an ELO increase stuff, then should be backed up with serious testing data and anyhow will be tested again by us before to be applied.

– Patches that add big chunks of code will not be accepted, in particular I am not willing to add tablebase support Wink thank you.

– As common with git, patches will be applied with the author name of the submitter, that is the author of the patch.”

If you are interested you can read the news at the talkchess forum.

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