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playing chess on linux systems



Features: fics, engines, net

Description: Going back in history for playing chess on linux there was only one graphical user interface available: xboard. You still can do everything you need to do in this front end. For configuring xboard there is only the commandline. Its the linux system approach, if you have a GUI nobody expects it to be userfriendly or easy to use. Still until now, xboard is the front end, that is fully “winboard protocol” compliant and it is so configurable that I would say: Its a kind of emacs for playing chess.


Eboard FICS Frontend

Eboard FICS Frontend

Features: fics, engines, bughouse

Description: eboard is my favourite Internet chess client to play on fics. It es very fast and configurable, so that you can play blitz and even lightning there.


Jin fics client

Jin fics client

Fearures: fics

Description: Jin is a JAVA Client to play on chess servers. It is good, if you like the JAVA stuff. Its reactions feel like if they were less fast then eboard. This is the main reason not to use it, for me.



Webbased Scheming Mind

QT -chess ratingsc calculator

chess club tool box